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Elk Island Park, pretty cool.
Rain held off until we left the park so our picnic went off without a hitch :) #yeg #edmonton #alberta #elkislandnationalpark
Some places look just like back in Monetville, Ont.
Some places remind us so much of the area we moved from back in Ontario :) #edmonton #yeg #ElkIslandNationalPark
New splash park for the kids of Terwilliger :) #edmonton #yeg #terwillegar
New dress for Marlene, gorgeous as always :)

“Resignation to the divine will signifies a cheerful approbation and thankful acceptance of everything that comes from God. It is not enough patiently to submit, but we must thankfully receive and fully approve everything that by the order of God’s providence happens to us… It is very common for people to allow themselves great liberty in finding fault with such things as have only God for their cause… It sounds indeed much better to murmur at the course of the world or the estate of things then to murmur at providence, to complain of the seasons and weather, than to complain of God, but if these have no other cause but God and his providence it is a poor distinction to say that you are only angry at the things but not at the cause and director of them.”

—   William Law (1686 – 9 April 1761)
Lonely vigil on the night train. #edmonton #yeg #yeginstagram #edmontonphotography
Every boys dream! #edmonton #yeg #edmontonphotography #yeginstagram #albertarailwaymuseum #railroad
Would you could you on a train? #edmonton #edmontonphotography #yeg #yeginstagram #albertarailwaymuseum #railroad